Designer: Logan Bros

Built: 1902, Logan Bros, Auckland

Length Overall: 20ft (6.09m)

Beam: 8ft (2.43 m)

Draught: 2ft 5” (0.73m)

Length Water Line: 19ft (5.79m)

Construction Hull: Kauri 2 skin

Engine: Inboard Lombardini 502 20hp


Otira was donated to the Trust by Paul Pritchett in 2012


Transcript of restoration of Otira 1902 Logan oil launch,  2005 - 2007 by Paul Pritchett. 

“Otira” was into a shed and out of the water for the first time in her life, apart from short re-fits. After cutting off the cabin and dodger and removing the engine, the first job was to build a frame so “Otira” could be rolled over easily.

A thorough clean inside to remove sand, mud and oil. The hull was refastened with copper nails and roves, particularly in the area of the cockpit sole.

Repainted inside and then rolled upside down with the burn off of the old paint, cutting off out the caulking and the replacing damaged or rotten timber with recycled kauri.

The deadwood, outer keel and stem were replaced with hardwood, as the jarrah and pohutukawa had worn over the years from mooring chains and constantly sitting on the bottom between tides. After priming the seams, a Simpsons compound was used to replace the old cotton and white lead caulking.

The hull was placed on a trolley and the engine re-installed.

Coamings were steam bent and fitted after a canvas application to the deck. Rubbing strakes and new seats were installed.

“Otira’s” Engine – Stuart Diesel marine Engine

H2MP No. 111

After cutting off the cabin and dodger and removing the engine, the first job was to build a frame so "Otira" could be rolled over easily.

In the restored boat, the complete hull and forward deck beams, fuel tank, brass fair leads and forward bollard and rudder are all original.

One of the 403 built in the UK in the 1950’s. These 2 stroke diesels were hand built and only 8 were imported into NZ by Palmers of Auckland. This model was probably not a great success as it appears that engine 111 is one of only 2 still running in the world. The other is in the UK having been recently rebuilt from parts of 3 engines and has been recorded in “Stationery Engine” Magazine Jan, Feb and March 2008

The research that has been done on engine websites pretty well confirms these are the only two, although there will be others in various states of disrepair.

Engine 111 was rebuilt in 2007 by Stan Wilson of Lyttleton, using parts of engine 283, which he had salvaged from a yacht some years ago and not been able to make run as some parts were missing. Stan had worked on these and many other Stuart Turner engines in England and had a good knowledge of them. Many of the parts, bearings, etc are from cars and small trucks of that era – Morris 1100’s and Bedford etc.

This engine started its time in NZ as an auxiliary on “Tainui”, a 36ft keel boat, but weighs over 500lb, it was considered too heavy for a racing yacht. It has been in ‘Otira’ since the early 1960’s.

Otira was donated to the Tino Rawa Trust in 2012.